#30 – Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

I begin the book countdown with a must-read: Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s account of growing up in Iran — and elsewhere — during the Islamic revolution.

Did this book give me a complete understanding of the intricacies of Iranian politics? No.

But one image from this book will always stay with me: little Marjane in her headscarf and homemade “Punk is not ded” jacket.

Punk Is Not Ded!

Maybe I had this jacket.

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2 Responses to #30 – Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

  1. Allie says:

    Yay, I love your blog!!!

    One thing I remember loving about “Persepolis” was her conversations with Allah and Karl Marx. So cute and funny.

  2. Hannah N says:

    Hooray! You are the first to comment. I loved those scenes as well.

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